Heya! We are Rockdove Rising Housing Co-op, situated across two flats on the Bentley Estate, locally known as ‘The Redbricks’, Hulme, Manchester, a vibrant place with an environmentally-minded community and a history of local activism and social engagement. we are members of radical routes [radicalroutes.org.uk, intro here] and, as such, we are a fully mutual co-op, sharing fundamental principles and activism for radical social change. 

We currently have 5 members + two children and a cat. Rockdove Rising join forces to maintain the Redbricks combative ethos: a daring stronghold for grassroots activism and alternative living. It is inspiring to think that in a near future, the Co-op will be an almost free rent haven and thus ensuring space for creativity and free thinking, in the heart of Manchester city centre, dominated by an ever growing landscape of megalomaniac sky-scraper-money-making-bussiness.

This area has an interesting history,  having been subject to two large redevelopments in the last twenty years. The one that took place in the 90’s was Europe’s biggest urban regeneration project at the time (you can read more at http://www.exhulme.co.uk/). Due to this history and the subsequent unusual demography which was formed, the Redbricks in particular has a strong community spirit and a history of social and political activism. 

The estate community runs various clubs and events, including a communal gardening group, an estate-wide internet service collective, a Tenants & Residents Association, an environmental campaign group, a monthly sewing club and a monthly ‘bring & swap’ recycling stall. More about the estate can be found out at www.redbricks.org.

Having owned flats in this estate for four years means our co-op has very strong links to the community, local businesses and cultural spaces. We provide skills exchange with local organisations, where our members volunteer their time and partake in local events programming. We have a positive environmental impact in the local community by rewilding and creating permaculture gardens on the estate to increase and support local wildlife - as well producing food for residents and neighbours.

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